Here's what people sre saying about Harmony Bay:

"Tom Gahan's first novel demonstrates his mastery of description. He layers the plight of a contemporary single parent with events of the American Revolution and weaves a tale that provides the essence of Harmony Bay..."

- Florence Gatto - Long Island Writer's Guild, author of The Scent of Jasmine

"Harmony Bay captures the scope of small town life...the way it should be."

- Jerry Schaefer - WRCN 103.9 FM

"Very impressive. Hats off to you, Mr. Gahan!"

- Deborah E. Gordon - Sarasota, Florida

"Wow! What an attention grabber...from the very first page Harmony Bay captured my attention and didn't let go..."

- Dominick J. Morreale, EdD, author of The Legend of Benny

"Harmony Bay, a warm-hearted place...a riveting, heart-warming story."

- Lisa A. Dabrowski, WLNG 92.1 FM, author of The Hunting Poetess

"Getting to know the delightful characters of Harmony Bay makes me want to walk down the beach with any one of them and call them friend...Well done."

- Caren Heacock - Southold, New York

"True escapism! ...Tom Gahan brings a fictional world to life in Harmony Bay, conjuring up images of the past, interwoven with a present day tale. His intimate portrayal of the characters comes through in a style that brings the reader into their lives as if they were kin..."

- Craig Romain - Editor, Lost Island Media

"Harmony Bay uncovers the rich historical past of a small town through the eyes of newcomers...Detailed description laced with historical references gives the reader a feel for life in a bayside town..."

- Kathy Gemmell - Frederick, Maryland

"Very interesting book...I'm glad that we were able to provide some scientific background..."

- Emerson Hasbrouck - Program Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program

"From swashbuckling adventure to witty humor to romance, Harmony Bay covers all of the bases."

- Bob Mann - Tyler, Texas

Harmony Bay Reviewed By Maria Savva of

An exceptional debut novel. Set against the backdrop of the idyllic waterfront location of Harmony Bay, Tom Gahan has weaved a wonderful tale, full of intrigue, mystery, adventure, action, and a twist of romance.
Dory McDonough is a young widow; taking her ten-year-old son, James, she moves to Harmony Bay, a small town, hoping to build a better life for herself and her son.  Dory soon learns that there are perils that lurk in the bay that could be just as dangerous as any found in a big city. There are quite a few nail-biting moments contained in this action/adventure.
As Dory and James settle in to life in the waterfront town, they get to know their neighbours, some of whom are eccentric, but all of whom are friendly and welcoming.  The community in Harmony Bay soon becomes like an extended family for Dory and James.  The backstory about the mysterious Christian Carroll—once a resident of the bay—is enchanting. 
The portrayal of Dory, the single mother wanting to do the best for her son, with all the financial challenges, and her nervousness about introducing a new man into her son’s life, is all very realistic and believable.  The book is filled with larger than life, well developed characters.
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and could hardly tear myself away from it.
Tom Gahan is a truly gifted author who is able to fully engage the reader with his prose. I would recommend this book to readers of all ages who like escapism and adventure.
With the references to the American Revolution, the information about shellfish research, fishing techniques, among other things, there is much to learn from this book.  It would be a great addition to any English Literature book lists for secondary schools, as I believe young readers would be enthralled by ten-year-old James’s adventures.  I also thought that the way the characters relate to each other and the moral messages contained in the story would make it an appropriate book to be included in the school curriculum.
The author has created a book that reels the reader in, keeps them interested and entertained.  Harmony Bay seems like a real place, and as you read the book you can almost feel the warmth of the community.
I was sad to reach the end of ‘Harmony Bay’, and hope to read more from this talented author in the future.

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JSPHOTO reviewed Harmony Bay: An adventurous slice of waterfront life where mystery surrounds history...

A feel good bathtub read. February 4, 2011

I really enjoyed the historical aspects of this novel as well as the waterfront community lifestyle. The characters made it a place that I could imagine going to and the imagery was vivid. Thanks to Tom Gahan for bringing me to visit the enchanting Harmony Bay. I will be looking forward to reading more from this author.

Jill Warga (Brookville, NY USA) reviewed Harmony Bay: An adventurous slice of waterfront life where mystery surrounds history...

This book has it all!  January 26, 2011

I really enjoyed reading Harmony Bay. The characters and settings were described so well, I felt like I was seeing it just as Mr. Gahan intended. I am an avid reader of many different types of books, and this book covered all the bases--mystery, adventure, romance, and some history and science lessons thrown in. I not only enjoyed reading the book, I also learned a lot. It's a lovely story suitable for everyone. I truly want to visit Harmony Bay.

Fran Hardy (Wading River, NY USA) reviewed Harmony Bay: An adventurous slice of waterfront life where mystery surrounds history...

Two thumbs up! January 16, 2011

Harmony Bay pushes all of the buttons. Tom Gahan knows how to tug the heartstrings and puts the reader in the story with precise description and lifelike characters. In fact, the characters are the centerpiece and carry the plot through to the finish. Gahan's insight of dramatic storms that affect coastal areas is breathtaking. Harmony Bay gives a vivid sense of what it would be like to live in a coastal community. The delivery of information about the American Revolution and the segues into that time period are extremely well done. It makes examining a little history very enjoyable. Harmony Bay is an idyllic place. I wouldn't mind living there myself. Harmony Bay - An adventurous slice of waterfront life where mystery surrounds history, is a real page-turner. I highly recommend it.

Joan S. reviewed Harmony Bay: An adventurous slice of waterfront life where mystery surrounds history...

Sweet Story  January 2, 2011

A sweet story with likeable characters. If you're looking for a pleasant read about a single mom and her son discovering the charm of a small town, mixed with bits of history, romance and adventure, this one's for you! Gahan uses vivid descriptions of the details of boating, fishing and aquatic life, as well as the physical and psycholocigal makeup of this fictional bayside community.

Chocolate reviewed Harmony Bay: An adventurous slice of waterfront life where mystery surrounds history...

A Must Read December 14, 2010

If you love American Revolutionary war history, a love story, a boy and a big dog, it doesn't get much better than 'Harmony Bay'. This well written story is not just a captivating and relaxing read, but you will come away with a slice of history that is intriguing. Looking for a gift idea? Give this book to your family and friends, you, and they, will be glad you did!

Reviewer Maria Savva: Maria is an attorney and author based in London, England. She has published three novels and three collections of short stories and she  is currently editing her fourth novel.  She is also a resident author/moderator for You can find out more about Maria by clicking on her WEBSITE.